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Black Retro Scoop Tee

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Size Chest Length
Small 38 - 40 29
Medium 40 - 42 30
Large 42 - 44 31
XL 44 - 48 32

Leave Your insignia Behind 

We redesigned the first Eximious shirt ever made, in honor of our 4 year anniversary. These scoop tee shirts were designed with versatility in mind which means they can be worn in the gym or out of the gym. Our first time blending cotton/spandex was an absolute success as these shirts comfortably hug all the right places to emphasize your physique. 

- Tapered athletic fit to bring an aesthetic look
- Moisture wicking to be sweat-free
- Extremely, soft breathable material to provide free movement and comfort
- Snug/comfortable around arms and neck
- Does not shrink so that you are provided with long term usage
- Silicon logos to add a unique, clean-cut look

Washing Instructions:

• Machine wash cold
• Air dry to ensure long term usage

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mario Flores

Material is super comfortable, and always a fan of minimalist style but, I love the fitting on the retro scoop tee the most, snug around the arms so you can easily fill the sleeves😜💪.


Really good quality shirt, great for workouts, very comfortable

Elias Silva
Black Retro Scoop

Took the shirt with me to the gym the second I got it. While at the gym it felt so clean and even when I was getting a pump in the sleeves didn’t roll up so I didn’t have to readjust myself every lift. Highly recommend it since it was great.

Jacob Buchner
Black Retro Scoop

The fabric on this shirt is so comfortable and perfect for the gym or just a casual shirt, fits the physique the exact way you’d want a shirt to! By far my favorite shirt!